Common Monument Styles

Every monument is unique, but there are a few common types of memorial that are often referred to when discussing options. All of these six common styles can be obtained in any color. Some lend themselves better to certain techniques. Those details can be learned when you consult your memorialist. By understanding a few simple terms, the process of selection becomes much easier.

Often times, a cemetery may have restrictions regarding the style or size of monument that can be placed. These rules can vary from one section to another as well. When purchasing a grave or family plot, it is important to ask about these restrictions and to know what they are before ordering your memorial.

Please note that it is illegal however for anyone to tell you that you MUST purchase your memorial from any one specific entity. If this happens, report it to us immediately and we will report the incident to the national association for proper action to be taken.

Upright Monument
Slant Monument
Custom Monument
Bench Monument
Bevel Hickey Monument
Bevel Hickey
Flush Grass Monument
Flush Grass